Where to Source Organic in Hanoi

Tracing where food comes from is becoming easier, but it’s not 100% fail-safe. Billy Gray gives us the lowdown on organic food certification and a list of outlets and suppliers that you can trust. The global trend towards organic food has ensured that you can get almost your entire weekly shopping with an organic label on it these days. The tag ‘organic’ is supposed to ensure that … Continue reading Where to Source Organic in Hanoi

Craft Beer Pub

In the very heart of the old quarter is Craft Beer Pub. As you’d imagine, they sell lots of craft beer. Dodging motorbikes and backpackers on Hang Buom takes it out of you, and considering its central location, the pub is a sanctuary — with the famous Bia Hoi Corner just a stone’s throw away, most of the floppy-haired, flip-flop-toting travelling mob have their attention … Continue reading Craft Beer Pub

Kong Premiere Ignites Social Media… and the Stage

The movie that made Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ name in Vietnam has been both a resounding success and a bit of a disaster Giant flaming ape, check. Hundreds of people scurrying in panic, check. Director getting bottled in a nightclub, check. The premiere of Kong: Skull Island in Ho Chi Minh City may not have gone to plan, but it was quite a spectacle none the less. … Continue reading Kong Premiere Ignites Social Media… and the Stage

When Hardwell Came to Vietnam

Thousands flocked to My Dinh Stadium to get a piece of the artist called the world’s biggest DJ. On May 20, thousands descended on My Dinh stadium to see the man that Mixmag has coined the world’s biggest DJ. Hardwell was performing in Vietnam for the second time, the first being in Ho Chi Minh City in September 2014. Somewhat ironically the event was hosted by Vinaphone. … Continue reading When Hardwell Came to Vietnam

Em Chua 18 Makes Record Box Office Sales

The Vietnamese film industry has experienced a Renaissance over the past few years. Em Chua 18 is the latest movie to woo the the crowds Vietnamese cinema took a leap into new grounds with its highest-grossing blockbuster yet, romantic comedy Em Chua 18, also known by its badly translated English title — Jailbait. The movie focuses on a middle-aged playboy who unwittingly sleeps with a girl who … Continue reading Em Chua 18 Makes Record Box Office Sales

Cleaning Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi’s iconic body of water gets a facelift On Jan. 19, 2016, Cu Rua, ‘Great-Grandfather Turtle’, died in Hoan Kiem Lake.The turtle was believed by many to be centuries old, and its spiritual significance for Vietnam was profound as it was closely linked to the myth of the founding of Hanoi, when the fifth-century emperor Le Loi was given a golden sword by the turtle … Continue reading Cleaning Hoan Kiem Lake

Ngon Villa Restaurant

The streetfood concept from three different regions of the country served up in a restaurant setting has proved popular for years. So, how well is it executed? Our mystery diner visits one of its main proponents — Ngon Villa.  Ngon Villa Restaurant is as much of a a walk-through history as it is a dining experience. The Vietnamese restaurant is housed in a restored colonial … Continue reading Ngon Villa Restaurant

Casa Italia Restaurant

Located in the former residence of the Italian ambassador, in the heart of Hanoi’s French quarter, Casa Italia is as authentic Italian food as you’ll find in the capital. The colonial mansion that houses the restaurant is still owned by the Italian embassy, and doubles up as the Italian Country Promotion Centre and a Vespa museum, meaning that you won’t necessarily find the romantic décor … Continue reading Casa Italia Restaurant

Electric Ticket Gates

Vietnam’s railways start to modernise Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City’s public transportation infrastructure is undergoing major developments, and while much of the story so far with the two metro systems has involved delays and skyrocketing costs, step by step these two projects trudge towards completion. A smaller-scale yet equally interesting project under way is the introduction of electric ticket barriers at major train stations … Continue reading Electric Ticket Gates

The Buddhist Mountain Pilgrimage

Billy Gray strikes east out of Hanoi to Yen Tu, a Buddhist complex on the road to Halong When I decided to escape Hanoi for some clean air, a friend of mine suggested Yen Tu Mountain — home to a Buddhist meditation retreat hidden in the mountains about 120 kilometres east of Hanoi.Waking up at 5.30am, myself and our photographer, Trung, set off at the crack of … Continue reading The Buddhist Mountain Pilgrimage