Bar [+84] – Hoan Kiem

As the sun finishes up its rotation and headlights begin casting shadows around corners, Bar +84 is preparing for another night of pouring beers, mixing cocktails and bringing out the wine coolers.   The space itself is a dimly lit townhouse from the French colonial era, converted with an extended conservatory area serving as the entrance. Posters of Hollywood classic The Godfather hang around the … Continue reading Bar [+84] – Hoan Kiem

Den Bar – Hoan Kiem

Sandalwood flooring, leather armchairs, and black walls sporting a library of wine bottles; Den Bar is an old-school alternative to Hoan Kiem’s generally characterless selection of watering holes.   Tucked away on Nguyen Thai Bich, a stone’s throw from the original Tranquil Café and secluded from the bustle of the city centre, you’d likely miss it if you weren’t looking for it — it is, … Continue reading Den Bar – Hoan Kiem

Killing the Stigma: Dr Oanh

Dr. Khuat Thi Hai Oanh began her career as a doctor before founding the Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) in 2010. Her work supporting marginalised communities including victims of HIV/AIDS, drug addiction and the sex trade recently earned her the ‘Vision Award 2016’ from the Hanoi International Women’s Club. Dr Oanh’s work isn’t aimed at giving charity to vulnerable people. Rather, through SCDI … Continue reading Killing the Stigma: Dr Oanh

Front Line of Reform: Pham Chi Lan

Pham chi lan is a high profile figure. During her career she has advised several Prime Ministers on economic and political reform and has played an integral role in some of the nation’s most pivotal moments, including the lifting of the US trade embargo on Vietnam, and the shift towards a more market-based economy. Throughout it all she has gained a reputation for saying things … Continue reading Front Line of Reform: Pham Chi Lan