Bun Cha Obama

Thanks to the attentions of a certain former American president, one bun cha joint has got itself a reputation. So Billy Gray decided to try it out for himself. It’s a rip-off, but you were expecting that. Still, it’s a good bun cha. If only the incumbent president had such capable chopstick skills. Obama chowing on a bun cha with Anthony Bourdain during his 2016 state visit to Vietnam brought … Continue reading Bun Cha Obama

Pizza Belga

Since opening four months ago, Pizza Belga has developed a solid reputation for its Neapolitan-style pizzas, all made using fresh ingredients and imported Italian cheese, and its thick, creamy ice-cream that has customers coming back for more. The warm atmosphere in this pizzeria is complemented by steaming pizzas straight out of a wood-fired oven, and is housed in a casual setting, with red brick walls sporting pictures … Continue reading Pizza Belga

Ngon Villa Restaurant

The streetfood concept from three different regions of the country served up in a restaurant setting has proved popular for years. So, how well is it executed? Our mystery diner visits one of its main proponents — Ngon Villa.  Ngon Villa Restaurant is as much of a a walk-through history as it is a dining experience. The Vietnamese restaurant is housed in a restored colonial … Continue reading Ngon Villa Restaurant

Casa Italia Restaurant

Located in the former residence of the Italian ambassador, in the heart of Hanoi’s French quarter, Casa Italia is as authentic Italian food as you’ll find in the capital. The colonial mansion that houses the restaurant is still owned by the Italian embassy, and doubles up as the Italian Country Promotion Centre and a Vespa museum, meaning that you won’t necessarily find the romantic décor … Continue reading Casa Italia Restaurant

Highway 4, Hanoi

In among the bustle of downtown Hoan Kiem lives Highway 4, an elegant yet laid-back setting with a knockout menu and an impressive selection of award-winning traditional rice liquors, all under the roof of a renovated French villa dating back to the 1950s; yellow brick with an inviting sign hanging over the door, nestled in green ivy. Once inside, Highway 4 offers multiple storeys of … Continue reading Highway 4, Hanoi

Chez Xuan, Tay Ho

Located in a secluded alley in Tay Ho, this is an excellent place to chill out on a sunny afternoon while enjoying a Moroccan tajine or French flammekueche and a Brazilian coffee. Chez Xuan was opened five years ago by current owner Pascal Baros and ever since, they’ve been offering a well-balanced fusion of culinary specialities, evening entertainment and a laid-back atmosphere. They already have … Continue reading Chez Xuan, Tay Ho

Kisu Sushi Restaurant

Sushi, sashimi, gyouza, sake and some mean cocktails.   Japanese food started becoming popular in Hanoi around 10 years ago, and a succession of restaurants has since opened to cash in on the trend, but few possess the discipline and quality that makes for a real sushi experience. Kisu Sushi was opened nine months ago by Master Dinh, a Vietnamese-born sushi master with 26 years … Continue reading Kisu Sushi Restaurant