The 371 Bar

Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Campbeltown, the Isle of Islay. If those regions mean more to you than just bagpipes and haggis, then get yourself down to The 371 Bar. With 110 single-malt Scotch whiskies to choose from, and more coming, The 371 undoubtedly has the largest selection of Scotch in Hanoi. Hailing from the UK and formerly working in construction, the owner of 371 Bar Lee Kirby … Continue reading The 371 Bar

Westlake Station

From the people who brought you Rockstore, Craft Beer Pub, and more, comes Westlake Station. This latest addition to Hanoi’s weekend roster is far from subtle. Situated at the top of To Ngoc Van, the towering yellow villa has been kitted out with a bar, a pool table, an electronic dart board, a spacious outdoor area, and a restaurant dining area. In other words, they’ve got … Continue reading Westlake Station

Playboy Establishment, Hanoi

The place to be seen with the hippest crowd in town, where Hefner’s playboy lifestyle is in full swing, Playboy Establishment is doing its best to redefine the boundaries of the so- called conservative city of Hanoi. Located on the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake, in the basement of the Apricot Hotel, Playboy Establishment is an up-market lounge, restaurant, function venue and entertainment spot, with … Continue reading Playboy Establishment, Hanoi

Tay Ho Tiki Company

Think Hawaii, and then think Hanoi… sort of somewhere in the middle of that.   Tay Ho Tiki Company is the latest addition to Hanoi’s fast expanding cocktail of craft watering holes.   Since September they’ve been operating on Au Co, close to the flower market, and they’ve been gathering crowds looking for their signature tiki-inspired cocktails.   Barman and co-owner Carl Hamilton has 10 … Continue reading Tay Ho Tiki Company

Bar [+84]

As the sun finishes up its rotation and headlights begin casting shadows around corners, Bar +84 is preparing for another night of pouring beers, mixing cocktails and bringing out the wine coolers.   The space itself is a dimly lit townhouse from the French colonial era, converted with an extended conservatory area serving as the entrance. Posters of Hollywood classic The Godfather hang around the … Continue reading Bar [+84]